AANP Data Collection Program

AANP Sampling Program & Dataset Access Promoting high quality research is a key component of AANPs mission and why we created the AANP Data Collection Program. Qualified researchers may apply to survey AANP members by mail or conference attendees on site at our national conference. With more than 85,000 AANP members and 5,700 conference attendees, AANP is a great point of access to the NP workforce.

Data Collection Program

AANP’s Data Collection Program provides three distinct offerings to those interested in accessing a sample of NPs for research. Whether you are conducting surveys, focus groups, or key informant interviews, AANP makes it simple to reach your target NP audience.

Download the brochure.

Collect Data By Mail

This program is available for a small fee and for valid research purposes only.  Researchers interested in collecting data on NPs are encouraged to apply.

NOTE: AANP does not provide email addresses for sampling or any other purposes, and will not disseminate electronic invitations to online surveys.

How to Apply

  1. To apply for this data collection program, please download the instruction manual.
  2. Compile all seven documents for the online application.
  3. Submit the online application.
  4. Pay the non-refundable review fee.
  5. Applications are graded on the following criteria.
  6. Applicants are then notified via the contact information provided.