Specialty Practice Groups

studentresourcectrAANP currently offers 12 Specialty Practice Groups, communities within AANP who share common goals in advancing knowledge and professional development in select areas.  

Are you interested in joining, or have you already joined and are ready to get started?  For more information visit the SPG FAQ page.  

Introducing AANP's Specialty Groups

The groups are designed to support discussions, document sharing, collaboration and networking

- Acute Care
- Cardiology
- Convenient / Urgent Care
- Dermatology
- Emergency
- Endocrine
- Gastroenterology
- Independent Practice
- Obesity
- Orthopedics
- Pain Management
- Psych Mental Health

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You must be a current member of AANP to join Specialty Practice Groups (SPGs). SPGs are only $20 each annually, prorated to your remaining membership term.

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Existing AANP Members - Visit your MyAANP and join one or more SPGs.


Existing Specialty Group Members

Already a member of one or more of our Specialty Practice Groups?

Visit your specialty groups at spg.aanp.org.

Your active participation in discussions, document sharing and collaboration is valuable. 

New Members: If you have just joined, you will receive a welcome email within two business days.  If you access the site before you receive your welcome email, you will not have access to detailed group postings.