Student Resource Center

studentresourcectrWhether you're just starting to consider a career as a nurse practitioner (NP), planning your education or about to begin your career, AANP provides its members a wealth of resources.  From exemplary CE programs and toolkits, to a wide variety of preparation resources, AANP is here to help you get your education and career off to a wonderful start.

Planning Your NP Education

  • Plan for your NP education. 
  • Search for the right NP Program for you. 
  • Learn more about DNP programs. 
  • Find scholarships and grants.
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Connecting With NPs

np-group-small-rev Connect with fellow students and NPs through our social media channels and by finding NP organizations in your area. 

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Starting Your Career

Learn what to anticipate as you start your career.

  • Obtaining certification.
  • Number of patients to expect.
  • Salary expectations and negotiation.

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Student Resources

student-resources-smallAANP offers a wealth of resources for NP students, including information on grants and scholarships, Education Toolkits, CE Opportunities, and much more.

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