Education Tools - Migraine


After great success with an earlier version of migraine resources, AANP, in collaboration with educational partner Med-IQ, has developed a new series of educational tools for patients in primary care and neurology settings to assess headache symptoms for potential migraine. Based on feedback from voluntary nurse practitioner surveys, the latest set of tools incorporates the feedback we received and includes some resources in both English and Spanish. These migraine resources were developed through support by an educational grant from Teva Phamaceuticals.

Based on direction from nurse practitioners who specialize in managing patients with both acute and chronic migraine, the resources were developed and designed to assist you in initiating dialogue with your patients and to provide an educational resource that you can use in your discussions. A group of AANP member nurse practitioners piloted the resources in their practices and had the option to completed a survey on the effectiveness of these tools. The survey revealed overwhelming positive results in patients reading the tri-fold tent in the waiting room, initiating the conversation about migraine during their office visit, and identifying those who needed further evaluation of headache symptoms. The NP providers favored the resources as an effective tool for explaining simple mechanisms of migraine development, for tracking migraine occurrence and providing migraine action plans.

The six resources posted are to be used in conjunction with each other. One resource is a 6”x10” four-panel-fold table tent with English and Spanish content that can be placed in your waiting room or exam rooms to prompt patients to ask self-reflective questions about their current headache experience. This table-top resource also includes basic information for patients about triggers and management of migraine. It is recommended that this resource be printed with a color printer using paper thick enough to be folded into three sections, taped together, and placed upright on a table or counter.

Four resources are 8.5"x11" patient education sheets, two in English and two in Spanish, for your exam rooms that include further information about common triggers for migraine, a migraine management and rescue plan, and headache diaries that you can send home with patients to help them track their migraines. It is also recommended that these resources be copied from a color printer but regular copying paper can be used for these documents.

The last resource below is a provider flip chart resource in English to be used as an efficient education tool with the patient. The colored side faces the patient while the black/white backside of the page serves as a prompt for the provider to see what the patient is visualizing plus added information to emphasize during the teaching process. The flip chart is conveniently arranged and color-coded into multiple migraine topics with the provider introducing new sections of information to the patient at different visits. As with the patient education sheets, it is recommended that the flip chart by copied from a color printer.